Let's help people be better human beings to each other.

"The goal of any behavior change effort should be to create and restore natural, healthy, functional ways of interacting with the world and others.  People intrinsically want to do what’s best for them and the world. Our job is to use known sources of influence in systems of social and emotional feedback to support them in turning their behaviors toward their natural positive ends."  


program Strategy & Planning

From systems mapping to crafting strategy to creating project plans to tackle your work, I have over 8 years of experience to bring to your effort.

  • Created systems map for State of Oregon's seniors & people with disabilities division
  • Former strategist & planner for International Fortune 50 team
  • Over 5 years experience as an International Fortune 50 program and project manager
  • CompTIA+ certified project manager

OPTIMIZING interventionS

I have extensive experience designing interventions that work. Let's make yours as effective as possible by applying the best in behavior science and systemic social change know-how.

  • Over 6 years of experience providing behavior change expertise to violence prevention non-profits  
  • Former Assistant Director of Public Initiatives for Heroic Imagination Project
  • Social Change Marketing University graduate
  • VitalSmarts-trained 'Influencer'
  • Simon Fraser University Certificate in Dialogue & Civic Engagement

research & evaluation

Effective research and evaluation support whether you need a research plan or interview guides created, a focus group moderated, a data tracking system developed, a quantitative evaluation, or a Social Return on Investment analysis.

  • Former research analyst in award-winning Oregon Department of Human Services forecasting team
  • Former social researcher for Fortune 50 market intelligence team
  • New Economics Foundation-trained Social Return on Investment analyst
  • RIVA-trained focus group moderator
  • University of Washington-trained qualitative researcher
  • University of Pennsylvania-trained quantitative researcher